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I am not your average pet sitter/dog walker. Pet Nanny NYC Provides Professional and Friendly Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services and so much more!  At Pet Nanny NYC you and your pets safety, comfort and happiness are my #1 concern.  

My life's passion is to help you better understand your animals' individual needs and how to maintain and/or improve your pets overall behaviors and wellness.      

I offers a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. I advocate in-home sitting, as it maintains a stable environment and routine for your pets. Whether you’re taking a long vacation or simply going ​to work each day, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting the nurturing and exercise they deserve from a professional pet sitter/dog walker you can trust.

My care giving goes well beyond just the physical needs of your animal. I truly believe that, as with humans, there is a mind-body connection in animals. As such, the emotional state of your pet is just as important as his or her physical well-being. To that end, I take great strides to reduce occurrences of ​stress, frustration, loneliness – and yes, even boredom – in the life of your loved one.


  • Individual Dog Walking Services
  • Pet Visits
  • Overnight Pet Sitting
  • Pictures/Videos with each visit
  • Specialty Services
  • Dog Training Services 

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A Dog's Best 'Pawtection' From Hot to Cold Weather and Salt
Walking your pooch during winter months is a daunting prospect for many dogs and their owners as the animals’ feet are tormented by ice...Catherine Miller, A professional dog walker and found of Pet Nanny NYC, says the best "pawtection"..

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Dog Walking Services  And Pet Sitting Services In Manhattan.....And So Much More!

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